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Cable length cable finder NF-8209


1. The appearance has smooth lines, good feel and intimate humanized design, LCD Chinese large screen display, and intelligent selection of functions;

2. Can withstand DC voltage 60V;

3. Three line hunting modes switch;

4. Use No. 7 and No. 9 batteries;

5. The receiver comes with an induction pen function


Comparison of equivalent parameters


Fluke Networks MS-POE

The price of this product on Amazon: 41.04usd

1. With analog + digital line hunting mode;

2. Equipped with AAA battery + 9V battery for power supply;

3.Has port flashing function

Fluke sells at Amazon: 753.65usd

1. No line hunting mode;

2. Only equipped with AA battery;

3. No port flashing function

Have a professional after-sales service team, provide professional customer service and salesman to provide one-to-one customer consulting services Carry out customer return visits in a timely manner, special-person docking, and one-stop customer after-sales problems

After-sales procedures are complex, need to be processed hierarchically, and have poor timeliness

Accept OEM and ODM orders to meet diversified customization needs Customized quantity and requirements can be adjusted, accept small batches of customized orders, and serve every customer attentively

The number of customizations is set high, and small orders are not accepted

The NOYAFA brand enjoys a high reputation in China, and is willing to provide potential partners with strong marketing, production and technical support, as well as the equity cooperation model to help customers quickly conquer the local market, cultivate high-quality partners, and create potential Continuous development

It is difficult to set the threshold, it is difficult to meet the cooperation requirements, and the competition pressure is high


Fluke Networks MS-POE

The product's domestic market share ranks first

Low cost performance; high failure rate; low percentage; non-brand

NOYAFA has become a well-known brand in the Chinese industry, and its foreign export volume is higher than most of its peers; And for a long time, it has published and distributed corporate internal journals, paying great attention to the cultivation of corporate culture, and has been interviewed by many news media.

Most of them are processing enterprises or small trading enterprises

1. Three modes of anti-interference/poe/general hunting

2. Port flashing function

3. Accurate length measurement

4. Automatically identify PoE voltage, PoE standard (af/at) and power supply core

5. Unique continuity test principle

6. Receiver NCV electric pen function

7. Application scenarios are universal

1. Poor accuracy

2. Single function

3. The functions are limited (application scenarios have limitations), that is to say, in many scenarios, the product cannot be used or fails

The company has a professional marketing team to provide all aspects of multi-media, multilingual, domestic and foreign exhibitions and other marketing support, such as Goggle/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Linkedin/Youtube/Tumblr/Pinterest/Reddit/VK/Vimeo and other majors Marketing support for third-party platforms; For example, equipped with official cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba International Station, Amazon, AliExpress, and Foreign Trade Express

The number of platforms is small, and the marketing support is not enough

Established three centers: Shenzhen Marketing Center, Shenzhen R&D Center, and Yongzhou Manufacturing Center; Established complete sales and service outlets in more than 30 provincial capital cities/main cities in China; Equipped with more than 200 professional marketing, R&D, and production personnel

Not equipped with a professional R&D team, service and after-sales outlets in Shenzhen; Most have no production base

Self-purchased real estate in Shenzhen, owning a self-purchased office building of over 2000 square meters; Self-purchased and self-built production base covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters in Yongzhou City, Hunan Province

Most corporate offices are leased or shared, without self-built factories, and empty buildings often happen

Own a professional manufacturing base, and manufacturers directly export trade; Strictly control product quality and control costs to make products more competitive in the market

Most of them are cooperative foundries, with high cost and difficult to monitor product quality

The company has successively passed ISO9001 series quality system certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification and other common certifications in this industry, and has obtained a number of technical patents such as appearance and function in the field of technology development and application:

More than 50+ patents and certificates

Trademark certificate 35+

Invention patent certificate 3+

Utility model patent certificate 14+

Appearance patent certificate 25+

The core technology patents are missing and the number is small

Our 12 advantages


Actively interact with customers, thoughtful and enthusiastic

custom made

High speed, high standard, high quality to complete customer's customized requirements


Accept OEM and ODM orders, the shortest delivery time

market share

The product's share of the Chinese market ranks first

After-sales service

Professional after-sales team can conduct customer return visits in time

Product spare parts

Sufficient spare parts for each product are available at any time


Online customer service, 24 hours standby

Engine ranking

Ranked top on well-known engines such as Google / Yahoo / Yandex


Strong R&D team and brand operation team


Self-purchased super-large industrial park site and self-built modern super-large factory, which is far superior to peers


New patents are applied for every year, and the number of patents far exceeds that of peers


Ranked first on well-known Chinese online shopping platforms such as Taobao and

Product case video

Cable length cable finder NF-8209

Function description:

1. You can use the host and remote to test the short circuit, open circuit, and cross connection of the network cable, and it can be displayed on the LCD screen.

2. It can find the line when the switch and router are on, and has the function of withstand voltage protection. Anti-jamming mode, POE mode, normal mode hunting.

3. Can use the open circuit method to measure the length and breakpoint of the network cable, the measurement length can reach 2000 meters, and the measurement length and breakpoint positioning accuracy can reach 98%.

4. Using the port flashing function, you can quickly find the specific network cable by using the special function of port flashing when the switch or router is powered on.

5. The language, backlight time, automatic shutdown time, and contrast settings can be set through the host.

6. The induction pen of the receiver can be used to quickly determine whether there is alternating current through the sound.

7. The lighting function is convenient to work in the dark environment.

Cable length cable finder NF-8209

Cable length cable finder NF-8209

Welcome to choose NOYAFA

Choose a reliable partner

Powerful brand

Won the trust of large enterprises

Enterprise certificate

The company has successively passed ISO9001 series quality system certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification and other common certifications in this industry, and has obtained a number of technical patents such as appearance and invention in the field of technology development and application.
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